Light`s everywhere, pouring through the windows, illuminating the fused glass panels hanging there and bringing light to the faces,flowers,animals and shapes born of the hands of their creator zuzana bobrovska. The panels and designs, especially the faces, show expression, dignity and character that transcend the medium of glass.  I grew up in Kosice, small city of eastern slovak republic, studied at University of Fine Arts - design for 6 years, continued figurative painting in Nice, south france. i lived in new york where i was preparing my exibition of acrylic paintings in Twirl studio, NY.I began working with kilnformed glass in 2001, the works of these pages were each individually created in my work studio. All of the fused glass artworks are originals and are copyrighted to the artist. I also sell my artworks under the name ART.DES, feel free to e-mail me with comments and questions.I hope you enjoy looking at this site:)... Zuzana Bobrovská ABAUT  ARTIST © 2013 MK2+